Government Museum, Dungarpur

Located at Dungarpur, this museum was started with a number of sculptures collected by the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Govt. of Rajasthan, mainly from vagad area from 1959 on wards. At first loose sculptures and architectural fragments were displayed in the hall of Panchayat Samiti at Dungarpur in 1960. Over the years, collection was enriched by sculptures acquired from neighbouring sites and forced the Govt. of Rajasthan to think about having a museum at Dungarpur. In the late 1970. Dungarpur Royal family decided to gift their personal collection for the museum. Both the brothers Maharawal Lakshman Singh and Dr. Nagendra Singh gifted their entire personal collection of charming sculptures, historically important inscriptions and metal images. The family also gifted land for building of museum, where it stands now. It was formally opened on February 11, 1988.

Displayed in three galleries, the collection in the museum include 197 images of gods and goddesses, 23 inscriptions, metal images, coins and objects related with tribal culture of the region.

Government Museum, Dungarpur





Male Deity






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